2018 Fall Adult Tennis

Adult Beginner Express
Players with little or no exposure to tennis will be introduced to proper grips, basic swing motion for all strokes, rules, and scoring. This class benefits players with a NTRP rating of 1.0-2.0
Adult Intermediate Performance
A combination of dead and live ball drills are used in this class to work on consistency, accuracy, and strategy. This class is targeted for GWTA C1 players. Must have an NTRP rating of 2.5—3.5.
Stroke of the Week
Space is limited. This hour-long clinic works exclusively on strokes. We focus on the form and technique of all strokes. This clinic will also work on using these strokes in live ball drills as well as doubles and singles point play (NTRP 3.0-4.0)
90-minute practice designed around a current team participating in official match play such as the Tyson’s Cup or USTA.
Clinic will stress footwork, proper stroke mechanics and strategy.