2019 Summer Adult Group Tennis Program (6/17-8/25)

Adult Summer Tennis Group Class Programs (June 17-August 25)
Online registration is required prior to the start of the summer tennis season 

Adult Beginner/Low Intermediate Clinic (2.0-2.5 NTRP co-ed): 
Clinic is designed for all adult beginner tennis players, or those who need a refresher. This program will teach the basics of tennis, focus of the technical aspects, and teach some basic strategies of the game. The stroke production clinic is an excellent way to learn the game properly. 

PRICE: 1 hour class for once a week (10 classes) = $120/per player OR twice a week (20 classes) = $220/per player

Adult Intermediate (3.0 NTRP co-ed): 
You have the foundation, but still need consistency in your game due to technique flaws, court positioning issues, and strategy concepts. 

PRICE: 1.5 hour class for once a week (10 classes) = $180/per player 

Advanced Adult Clinic (3.5+ NTRP co-ed): 
A specially designed clinic to get your heart pumping while learning the game we all love. Each week your instructor will have 3-4 drills prepared to enable your game to improve while getting the workout you want! Each drill will be played for 20-25 minutes non-stop. Instructor will quickly feed the ball in play after each point in concluded.

PRICE: 1.5 hour class for once a week (10 classes) = $180/per player 

Cardio Tennis (All skill levels co-ed): 
Get your workout in for the day while playing the game you love. Clinic will be fast paced and fun. Each clinic will include a series of drills designed to get your heart pumping, while improving your tennis game at the same time! 

PRICE: 1.5 hour class for once a week = $20/per drop-in class OR 1.5 hour class for once a week (10 classes) = $180/per player 


Adult Beg/Low Inter. (2.0-2.5 NTRP co-ed):
Tuesday: 5:30pm-6:30pm
Saturday: 12pm-1pm

Adult Inter. (3.0 NTRP co-ed):
Tuesday: 6:30pm-8pm

Adult Adv (3.5+ NTRP co-ed):
Tuesday: 6:30pm-8pm

Cardio Tennis (All skill levels co-ed):
Friday: 8am-9:30am