COVID-19 Prevention Protocols

Let’s talk about the COVID Prevention Protocols that the Marlins will be using this year. We know that many of our 16 plus crowd are lining up for their Fauci Ouchie but that isn’t going to get us to herd immunity among our young swimmers. With that in mind, the Marlins will be keeping swimmer, coach, and spectator safety at the top of our to do list for the season. That may mean that some of the Marlins activities may look just a little bit different but we will still be bringing you a full season of swimming, spirit and other shenanigans!


We want to outline the steps we are taking to keep our Marlins safe:


Further, we are lucky to have two co-head coaches in Coach Brenna and Coach Riley who have been coaching indoor club swim with COVID protocols in place all winter long. They are well versed in how to keep swimmers safe on the pool deck and in the water.
Extra bonus: All of our Marlins Coaches and Team Reps have received COVID vaccines!
Extra, extra bonus: Did we mention that our new team rep is an epidemiologist?? I mean, come on!


Have any other questions or concerns? Please email your team reps:

Resources we used when creating our COVID prevention protocols:

CDC Guidance (January 2021): Guidance for Public Pools, Hot Tubs, and Water Playgrounds During COVID-19 | CDC


Aquatics Safety Plan: Aquatic-Safety-Plan-COVID-Considerations-December-2020.pdf (


Return to Events: Aquatics-Coalition-Return-to-Events-Recommendations-11_2020.pdf (