Pool Rules

EVERYONE must obey the following rules as well as any instructions given by the pool manager and the lifeguards to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all.
General Pool Rules
  1. All members must register at the front desk upon entry. Guest fees must be paid for all non-members. Member must accompany all guests. All members will be required to present a membership keycard to enter the facilities.
  2. Lap lanes shall be used for lap swimming only, and should be shared when needed. Lap lanes are occasionally reserved for swim team practice.
  3. No person shall use the pool facilities unless they are officially open and the guards are on duty. The infant pool is NOT GUARDED and the intermediate pool is GUARDED from 1:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. and these pools require adult supervision.  The infant pool and intermediate pool are for non-swimmers only.
  4. Persons having a skin disease, eye infections, sores, communicable disease, nasal or ear discharge, excessive sunburn, or bandages may not use the pools.
  5. All persons must take a thorough soap shower before entering any pool. Soap is provided.
  6. Children must be toilet-trained to enter the main pool. No swim diapers are allowed in the main pool.  Swim diapers are required for non-toilet trained children in the smaller pools. Disposable diapers are prohibited on the pool deck.
  7. Excessive standing or playing in the showers is prohibited.
  8. Running, rough play, and personal conduct that may endanger you and/or others are prohibited.
  9. Street shoes, skateboards, rollerblades, scooters, and the like are NOT permitted on the pool deck or on the tennis courts.
  10. NO GLASS items are permitted in the pool area/grounds.
  11. All food, drinks, and chewing gum are prohibited on the pool decks. Please use the picnic areas.
  12. Pets are not permitted within the pool enclosure at any time.
  13. Limited alcohol consumption is permitted within the limits of a family setting. The pool manager or a member of the board has the discretion to ask anyone not in compliance to leave the premises. Subsequent violations can result in other sanctions including temporary loss of privileges and / or membership termination.
  14. Smoking is only allowed in the grassy area in front of the pool bathhouse. No smoking is permitted any place within the main pool fence.
  15. Water toys are permitted in the infant and intermediate pools only, and then only at the discretion of the pool manager and lifeguards.
  16. Children under 11 years of age must be accompanied by an adult 16 years of age or older. A parent/guardian phone number may be required. 
  17. Any person who repeatedly breaks pool rules and receives three warning will be asked to leave the pool by the manager on duty. Repeated offenses may result in restricted use of the facilities.
  18. Non-Swimmers
    1. The infant pool is for very young, non-swimming children. An adult MUST accompany children in this area. Guards are NOT assigned to this pool.
    2. The intermediate pool – three-foot maximum depth – is for non-swimming children up to 12 years old. An adult MUST accompany children in this area. Guards are assigned to this pool from 1:00 – 7:00 p.m.
    3. Non-swimmers of any other age group must stay in the shallow end of the main pool and, if under 10, must be with an adult.
    4. Infant and intermediate pools are not to be used by bona fide swimmers during adult break.

Diving Regulations
  1. Diving is NOT permitted anywhere EXCEPT in the diving area when supervised by a guard.
  2. Lifeguards may require children to pass a swimming test to be in the diving area and must use the diving board without adult assistance except during lessons by MSTA staff.
  3. Only one person is allowed on the diving board at a time.
  4. No diving is allowed until the previous diver has cleared the diving area to the wall or ladders.
  5. Diving shall be in a forward position only.
  6. No running on the diving board.