I need a team suit! Where can I get one? 
To purchase a team suit, you have two options.  We will have suits available to try on and purchase at our Meet the Coaches day in May. If you need a suit and cannot make it to this date, please visit Sport Fair at 5010 Lee Highway, Arlington, Va 22207.

Am I required to volunteer?
No, you aren’t technically required to volunteer. However, every family provides a deposit during online registration, and if you don’t volunteer a minimum of 8 hours, you’ll forfeit your deposit. Besides, volunteering provides an opportunity to get to know the other parents and swimmers on the team, and gives you a chance to watch your kid compete! Who wouldn’t want that? You also may not realize that it takes over 40 parent volunteers to run a swim meet, so we need all the help we can get! Your kids will thank you. 

At the end of the season, if you have completed a minimum of 8 volunteer hours, you will have the option to have your deposit refunded, or donated towards the coaches’ end of season gifts.